Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My Google, now with RSS feeds

When My Google was announced a couple months ago, some people expressed disappointment that it couldn't handle feeds.

Yesterday, Sean Knapp posted on the Google Blog that the latest version of My Google offers a bunch of new content including arbitrary RSS/Atom feeds.

Unfortunately, it feels a little klutzy to me. Adding feeds is awkward, there are no feed recommendations or related feeds, and I see no excerpts on the RSS feeds (titles only). It seems less powerful than My Yahoo or Bloglines. But it also doesn't seem like it is trying to be as easy to use and friendly for casual users as My AOL or the MSN Start.com prototype.

Good to see this from Google though. With this launch, all the search giants -- Yahoo, Ask, MSN, Google, and AOL -- now have a web-based feed reader.


kbs said...

That's not entirely true.. there are plenty of suggested feeds found under each content label. News, Business, Technology...all of those have several recommended site feeds to provide that type of news.

Greg Linden said...

Hi, KBS. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant feed recommendations based on your current subscriptions.

For example, Bloglines shows related feeds to any feed and tries to recommend feeds based on your current subscriptions.