Saturday, April 17, 2004

Clustered databases

MySQL is offering a clustered database.

The slow progress in clustered databases is a bit surprising to me. The holy grail of clustered databases is to be able to have a virtual database that appears to be on one machine but actually is distributed across a cluster of servers. Failover should be immediate to another machine in the same cluster. Data should be replicated on demand. Performance should be high. Yet no one provides this solution, at least not at a level where the cluster is truly invisible to clients. True, the data consistency issues are much more challenging for a relational database than the Google File System, but this system needs to be built.


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Agree 100%.

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What about Oracle RAC? I can add new nodes to the cluster transparent to clients, and to clients it appears as a single virtual DB. It can scale up to 100 nodes. Granted, though, Oracle pricing is prohibitive at $20k/node and unless they come down in price, some startup (like Clustrix or Vertica) will come along and steal the clustered database market.