Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Findory API

Did you know that Findory has an API?

It's a simple REST API, accepting parameters through an HTTP GET request and returning results in RSS XML format. Our RSS page provides a nice GUI for picking the parameters you need to get the data you want.

On our API page, we included some ideas on things you could build. I particularly like the ideas for mashups, such as combining Amazon's and Findory's APIs to provide product information, news stories, and blog articles about the latest Harry Potter and other top selling titles.

Like everything at Findory, our API is simple and easy to use. Just as it should be.

Now, go forth and innovate! If you build something cool using our API, please let us know! We'd love to see it!

Update: Just a few hours later, Jason Dowdell and Pete Freitag created two mashups using Findory's API. Wow, that was fast! Great work!

I love the detail page for the latest Harry Potter book with blog posts about the book listed at the bottom of the page. Very, very cool.


Jason Dowdell said...

Posted about your new api at 2:15 PM EST and posted two examples using the api at 2:51 PM. So it took 36 minutes to create two blog posts, implement your code on two sites where it makes sense and post a comment on your blog. Gotta love this api stuff huh?

We put the posts up at apiblog dot com.

~jason dowdell

Nick Lothian said...


I've been using the Findory API for a while on my personal (Firefox only) experimental aggregator "Agro the Aggregator". See for a description. It seems to work best with the BBC news - see