Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Chris Sacca on geeks and startups

Chris Sacca (biz dev and counsel at Google) posts some thoughts on Paul Graham's startup school and adds some useful nuggets of wisdom for entrepreneurial geeks.

Some excerpts from his advice:
Don't waste a lot of time writing business plans or strategic roadmaps ... Instead of spinning wheels, just start coding.

The user experience can always be improved ... Start with what is broken today. Fix it, and you will be richly rewarded.

Stay cheap through [the] demo.

We can't forget that is actually the geeks who rule technology ... All the venture money in the world is no substitute for talent.

There is nothing like a free breakfast/lunch/dinner to bring folks together, loosen them up, and encourage sharing, debate, and brainstorming.

Open source software ... allows you to scale faster and leverages the collective expertise of developers around the world to advance your project. [It] also maximizes the chances that your code will integrate well with an eventual acquirer.
And yes, it's true, geeks do rule.

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