Monday, November 21, 2005

Food, perks, and competing with Google

Marc Ramirez at the Seattle Times has a fun article on the food at prominent Seattle companies.

At a couple points, Marc compares the offerings to the "Google Nirvana," saying that "Google single-handedly has redefined the meaning of corporate cafeterias."

I am quoted in the article as saying that Google is "in a class of its own." The article also quotes from this blog post where I said that "investing in your people pays for itself."

It is amazing to me that Microsoft cut their perks at a time when it is trying so hard to compete with Google. That is not helpful if you want to retain your best people.

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Andrew Hitchcock said...

Besides the three meals per day, onsite laundry, and bike maintenance days, one of the coolest perks I've heard about is the unlimited Honest Tea.