Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Recent Google talks on Google Video

There have been several interesting talks at Google that recently were published on Google Video.

They take a long time to watch, but I enjoyed a bunch of them. Among my favorites was the informative (but troubling) "A Googly MySQL Cluster Talk", Brion Vibber's "Wikipedia and MediaWiki", and Barry Schwartz's excellent "The Paradox of Choice - Why More Is Less".

[via Nathan Weinberg]

Update: If you want to see any future Google TechTalks as they are published, it appears an RSS feed is available. Not sure if that is supported by Google -- they don't link to that feed anywhere -- but it seems to work fine.


Mark Brown said...

Greg, you said that talk about sql cluster "A Googly MySQL Cluster Talk"
was troubling...

And does this tie into the "global" master Plan, that bob Cringely seems to talk about (as do I in a few blog posts--see: overview post: http://markbnj.blogspot.com/2006/02/tech-google-will-own-everything-in.html
and the LONG version of that

where I put together a lot of the stuff and hypothesize about the "master plan..."

markb in nj

Greg Linden said...

Hi, Mark. Sorry for being vague there. I've got a post coming out soon on MySQL Cluster that will go into more detail.

Mark Brown said...

Insomnia strikes us all.

But my real question is WHAT or HOW do you think this ties in with
*Dark fiber to local pops
*data center in a tractor trailer
*the Google-TV served local ads
*the google hardware appliance (customer buy in for say 50.00)
and this...(sql)

It seems that they STILL all tie together, and this distributed SQL cluster is part of the GLOBAL master plan...


Greg Linden said...

Hi, Mark. I have some comments on the Cringely article here.

In general, I'm not sure about his vision for how these things tie together. I'm not even sure they do tie together.

My impression is that Google's strategy is more about experimenting in many directions than about a coordinated thrust in one.

I doubt they have a master plan. I am not sure they have enough information about what works and what does not work to do that.

Mark Brown said...

Greg: I wanted to make this clear.

it's ME that's synthesising the discrete pieces together.

(I've had 3-4 "Grand visions" in my life, that all came true before...

The bottom line is that I think that these things DO tie together

The Datacenter in a truck, (and see one of my posts for a REAL DPC in a truck allows the googl-ites to have their favorite distributed linux environment.

The dark fibers Tie all the DPC's together.
The video-ad server is an app that could run locally

and the SQL cluster is QUITE helpful in managing the darn thing....

and the piece de la resistance is
the google PC which will be a (maybe) 50.00 piece of hardware that someone buys, that will signify buy-in to SERVE them the commercials!
voila. A name a game, a canal...
Sorry that doesnt work anyway...

At any way, we now have a unofficial unifying theory on what google ahsn;t announced yet!

I should have slept last night!