Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mary Meeker at Web 2.0

Among many other things in her rapid-fire Web 2.0 talk, Mary Meeker emphasized the growing importance of personalization technology.

Mary said that "the best example of personalization is's recommendation engine" and that she expected widespread use of personalization and social filtering in the future.

Also of note was a slide that showed the top e-commerce retailers, most of which are also large offline retailers (like OfficeMax and Staples). Mary pointed out that few had predicted these retailers would appear so high in the rankings. She said traditional media companies should take notice, stop despairing over the threat of online, and focus their efforts on dominating online media.

Update: The slides (PDF) from Mary's talk are now available. [via Paul Kedrosky]


Greg Linden said...

Is that the right presentation? It is dated 2005 and appears to be from last year's Web 2.0.

Looking it over, some slides are similar, but the overall presentation looks different than her recent talk.

Anonymous said...

I think think this is the preso here: