Thursday, December 28, 2006

Top Geeking with Greg in 2006

The posts with the most unique views on this weblog in 2006 were:
  1. In a world with infinite storage, bandwidth, and CPU power
    Highlighted notes that Google accidentally left in a PowerPoint presentation. 50k unique views.
  2. A chance to play with big data
    Discussed a release of search log data from AOL Research. 7.5k uniques.
  3. Google's BigTable
    Described a talk by Google on their Bigtable database. 7k uniques. I am a little surprised this is still so popular now that the Bigtable paper has been published.
  4. Lowered uptime expectations?
    Bemoans the unreliability of websites. 5k uniques, mostly because it was featured on Reddit.
  5. Kill Google, Vol. 3
    A piece describing the strategy I would use to attack Google if I were at Microsoft. 5k uniques.
This weblog had 265k unique visits overall in 2006. 83k of those were through Google. The other search engines did not appear in the top five referrers, but Bloglines and Reddit do.

Top search terms that got people to this weblog were "bigtable", "2006 predictions", "geeking with greg", "greg linden", and "aol search data".


Anonymous said...

How did you get these metrics? Does blogger/blogpost provide them to the subscribers or have you embedded trackers in your page?

Anonymous said...

I really liked the google bigtable post.

Greg Linden said...

Hi, Anonymous. All the numbers are from Google Analytics.

By the way, it is worth noting that, since Google Analytics uses Javascript, it only counts Javascript enabled browsers and likely would produce substantially lower numbers than an analysis of raw webserver logs.