Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Leaked information on Google Reader

According to Philipp Lenssen, an internal Google talk with confidential information on Google Reader was briefly available on Google Video.

Philipp posts a summary from someone referred to as "Fanboy". Ionut Alex Chitu also posts two summaries ([1] [2]) of the content of the talk. Worth a look.

There is mention of planned social sharing features, details on the internal operations of Google Reader, and various statistics on feeds and feed reading. It also sounds like they plan on launching feed recommendations soon.

Impressive that the team working on Google Reader is so small, just seven people.

Update: Three months later, the feed recommendations have launched.


Anonymous said...

I download all those videos (ala tivo subscription to watch later when I want). If you want it I can post it up somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The overview:

Google Tech Talks September, 6 2007 ABSTRACT Reactor is the backend that provides feed services for Google Reader, igoogle, and other applications. It provides access to the full history of feeds, with tagging and read state management. In this talk we will discuss the design of the reactor backend, including the recently-launched search feature. This tech talk is part of the "Nooglers and the PDB" series of weekly talks, which is open to all Googlers: We hold them in Ouagadougou (a conference room, not an auditorium), to encourage questions and discussion. We don't assume that you know everything about Google infrastructure. We talk about the lifecycle of a project (not just the technical details). We talk about how things get done (or not) at Google. Join the list of the same name on mailman for announcements of upcoming talks, or see our sparrow page. Speaker: Ben Darnell

This brings up an interesting question. What copyright are all the videos listed under? It doesn't really say.

Greg Linden said...

Thanks, Benjamin. If you do post it somewhere, I would appreciate it if you could put a link to it here in the comments.

I have not seen it yet -- only the summaries -- and would enjoy getting a look. I am sure others would as well.

Thanks again, Benjamin.