Saturday, October 13, 2007

Attending RecSys 2007

I will be at the ACM Recommender Systems 2007 conference Oct 19-20 next week in Minneapolis. If you will be there, please say hello if you see me.


Xavier Amatriain said...

Will also be there, hope I have a chance to say hi!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the link to the conference - now I can go and read some papers...I didn't know "Recommender Systems" was generating search nice research...My view was so limited.

Thank you so much.

Foafing your music said...

I (Oscar) will be there too.
BTW, why don't you all join the ACMRec2007 facebook group? :-)

Cheers, Oscar.

Pranav Dandekar said...

So will I, hope to run into you at the conference.

BTW, here's an interesting paper on making recommender systems manipulation resistant ( that is going to be presented at the conference.

It has clear applicability in the wikipedia reputation paper that you wrote about in a previous post (that paper doesn't make the reputation system resistant to sybil attacks).