Friday, May 30, 2008

Marissa on personalized search

Google VP Marissa Mayer had a brief tidbit on personalized search at the Google I/O Conference:
There will be a bigger personalization piece [in core search] -- looking at where users are and they last searched on.

Personalization will be really important in the future.
This reminds me of Marissa's keynote at SES 2007 where she said "personalization is the future" and "search sites will understand more about searchers, where they are located and what their personal preferences are."

Please see also my May 2007 post, "Personalized search yields dramatically better search results", which quotes Marissa as saying, "[Personalization is] one of the biggest relevance advances in the past few years ... [and it] makes results dramatically better."

For more details on Google's personalization efforts, please see also my Dec 2007 post, "Eric Enge interviews Sep Kamvar" and the links from that post.

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