Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Review of SearchPerks

Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land posts an insightful review of SearchPerks, Microsoft's new incentive program for Live Search, that includes a history of the rather dismal track record of other attempts to pay people to use a search engine.


jeff.dalton said...

Regardless of its merits or lack thereof, SearchPerks is IE 6.0+ only. This decision shows a level of disregard for non-IE users that I find highly objectionable.

Any well-written web application should support multiple browsers. Microsoft and the SearchPerks team should realize this and change their browser platform policies accordingly.

Anonymous said...

You mean like Google's web applications, such as Google Earth and Google Lively? Those only run in Windows web browsers.. Firefox for Windows, for example. They won't work in Firefox for Mac, or Firefox for Linux.

Pot.. kettle..