Thursday, June 04, 2009

The siren song of startups

Over at the blog of the Communications of the ACM, I have a new post on "The Siren Song of Startups".

The article tries to get readers thinking more carefully about why they might and might not want to join a startup.

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Eric Goldman said...

Amen, Greg. Well said by someone who has been there.

Amit said...

Hi Greg,

In the article, you might be focusing and emphasizing failure a bit more.
In general, one should focus on the positive, what we aim for is what we achieve, so take a startup team's goal of being rich, contributing to the world or learning.
Also, from a practical POV, it is a large percent, many succeed too.

I look forward to when you will be starting up again.

Damien Wintour said...

Greg, your succinct summary of the start-up environment is bang on. As someone who has been through 2 start-ups your commentary immediately resonated with me. Without begrudging the fantastic institutions that are Stanford and UofWa I'm willing to bet your experience running a start-up provided an even richer education than academic organisations can provide.