Monday, December 28, 2009

Most popular posts of 2009

In case you might have missed them, here is a selection of some of the most popular posts on this blog in the last year.
  1. Jeff Dean keynote at WSDM 2009
    Describes Google's architecture and computational power
  2. Put that database in memory
    Claims in-memory databases should be used more often
  3. How Google crawls the deep web
    How Google probes and crawls otherwise hidden databases on the Web
  4. Advice from Google on large distributed systems
    Extends the first post above with more of an emphasis on how Google builds software
  5. Details on Yahoo's distributed database
    A look at another large scale distributed database
  6. Book review: Introduction to Information Retrieval
    A detailed review of Manning et al.'s fantastic new book. Please see also a recent review of Search User Interfaces.
  7. Google server and data center details
    Even more on Google's architecture, this one focused on data center cost optimization
  8. Starting Findory: The end
    A summary of and links to my posts describing what I learned at my startup, Findory, over its five years.
Overall, according to Google Analytics, the blog had 377,921 page views and 233,464 unique visitors in 2009. It has about 10k regular readers subscribed to its feed. I hope everyone is finding it useful!

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