Sunday, January 17, 2016

Quick links

What caught my attention recently:
  • "Big ideas emerge from spills, crashes, failed experiments and blind stabs .... As people dredge the unknown, they are engaging in a highly creative act .... the habits that transform a mistake into a breakthrough" ([1])

  • Lots of details on recommendations, personalization, and experimentation at Netflix in a new ACM paper ([1])

  • Fun and interesting Slate article on how Facebook selects posts for the news feed ([1])

  • New paper claims the filter bubble for news is much stronger in what people self-select and on social media than in search and recommendations ([1])

  • "Bayesian program learning (BPL) framework, capable of learning a large class of visual concepts from just a single example and generalizing in ways that are mostly indistinguishable from people" ([1] [2] [3])

  • NIPS 2015 paper on problems that accumulate in machine learning systems, such as dependencies between features, dependencies between models that build off each other, and complicated and fragile data preprocessing ([1])

  • "Should they teach [self-driving] cars how to commit infractions from time to time to stay out of trouble?" ([1])

  • Wal-mart is doing poorly against Amazon, which is surprising, I think ([1])

  • Good article on product management. I particularly like the points that most products fail (so you should expect to experiment, adapt, and iterate) and that a good product is about experiences not features ([1])

  • "People keep mentioning how different things are to the period just before the AI winter" ([1])

  • "Smartwatches still have a long way to go in terms of proving their usefulness, necessity, and style" ([1])

  • "CYA security: given the choice between overreacting to a threat and wasting everyone's time, and underreacting and potentially losing your job, it's easy to overreact." ([1])

  • A new $7M XPrize for autonomous undersea drones ([1] [2])

  • Simulating the World in Emoji is a very fun educational simulation, similar to the Artificial Life work a while back, great for kids ([1])

  • From the Exploratorium Museum, a demo of how wave motion arises from swirling smaller movements in water ([1])

  • Dilbert comic on tech jargon ([1])

  • Pearls Before Swine comic on clickthrough agreements ([1])

  • SMBC comic: "Update has been a test of your loyalty." ([1])

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