Thursday, November 09, 2023

Book excerpt: Table of Contents

(This is the Table of Contents from my book, "Algorithms and Misinformation: Why Wisdom of the Crowds Failed the Internet and How to Fix It")

Introduction: How good algorithms became a fountain of scams, shills, and disinformation — and what to do about it

Part I: The golden age of wisdom of crowds algorithms
Chapter 1: The rise of helpful algorithms
Chapter 2: How companies build algorithms using experimentation

Part II: The problem is not the algorithms
Chapter 3: Bad metrics: What gets measured gets done
Chapter 4: Bad incentives: What gets rewarded gets replicated
Chapter 5: Bad actors: The irresistible lure of an unlocked house

Part III: How to stop algorithms from amplifying misinformation
Chapter 6: How some companies get it right
Chapter 7: How to solve the problems with the algorithms
Chapter 8: Getting platforms to embrace long-term incentives and metrics
Chapter 9: Building a win-win-win for companies, users, and society

Conclusion: From hope to despair and back to hope

(That was the Table of Contents from a draft of my book. If you might be interested in this book, I'd love to know.)

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