Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Eric Schmidt talk at UW

Google CEO Eric Schmidt is giving a talk titled "Perspectives on the Information Industry" this Thursday (May 26) at University of Washington.

If you're not lucky enough to be living in Seattle, it will be broadcast live on the internet.

Update: The talk was similar to many of Eric's past talks. Same slides, even the same jokes. The most interesting part was the Q&A.

Eric answered several questions about Google's 20% time and what they do to promote innovation. He talked about small teams and the value of controlled chaos. The comments were similar to the quote I have in my earlier post, "Making innovation run rampant".

He received several questions about A9. Eric responded by praising A9's effort and saying that Google and Amazon cooperated in many more ways than they compete.

In response to my question about personalized search, Eric said that Google definitely intends to show different people different search results using information about their behavior, but also said that it would be optional and respectful of privacy. That's as clear a statement as I've even heard from Google that they will pursue personalized search.

Update: MP3 audio of the talk is already available. On-demand video usually takes a few days.

Update: On-demand video of the talk is now available.

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