Thursday, May 12, 2005

Millions of feeds

Alex has the scoop on Findory's millions of feeds, all available by RSS or displayed in our nifty inline widget.

Get a feed for Tech news, a personalized selection of articles from political blogs, even all news or weblog articles that match specific keywords like "Microsoft", "Seattle Sonics", "San Diego", or "Star Wars". There are millions of possible combinations, a feed for every taste.

And you can put news and blog articles on any topic you want right on to your website. Want to show the latest news about Linux on your blog? Go to our inline page, type "Linux" into the search box, and copy the Javascript code it gives you into your blog page.

Just like our RSS feeds, inline works for millions of possible categories and keyword searches. You can even show your weblog readers a view of your personalized Findory page by putting up your personalized version of inline. If you need to match the look and feel of your website, just click "Show optional style code" and customize inline as much as you want.

There are three examples -- related blog posts to Geeking with Greg, a snippet of the news from my personalized front page, and news for "Google" -- in the right side column on my weblog. They are customized to match my weblog style. They update as new news comes in. The personalized version ("My Findory News") even changes in real time as I read new articles on Findory. Very cool.

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