Sunday, May 09, 2004

Kill eBay, Vol. 2

An interesting article in the New York Times claims the biggest threat to eBay's growth may be from traditional retailers. Traditional retailers offer much better customer service, especially on returns.
    As eBay sells more new goods, the brand's lack of a money-back guarantee will become a hindrance. "History suggests that in order to remain competitive, retailers must match the offerings of others," Professor Koehn said. "EBay is unlikely to be an exception."
You might also be interested in reading Kill eBay, Vol. 1.


Emerson Seiti Takahashi said...
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Anonymous said...

kinda off topic....
ebay will have to give way soon, the amount of stay home crooks they have made is amazing,

the support they give to their users (non power sellers) is next to nothing,

selling on their is becoming more of a last or selected option, as the fees on ebay are OTT and with paypal fees to add to that,

paypal is taking a massive beating on the US, due to court cases,

their are many smaller sites to sell your items on now, for free, and many more sites which off exposer to your local area,
which is my number one option then running to ebay makign a 3day listing and hoping i dont get a none paying bidder, then hoping the buyer pays out on time and not 7 days after the auction like ebay allows,