Thursday, May 27, 2004

MSN betting on personalization

MSN is "going to make a very big investment in personalization", says Yusuf Mehdi, head of Microsoft's MSN division:
    The company hopes to soon have on its MSN web site a system similar to's technology that will recognize a user even if that person hasn't expressly signed on to the Web site, he said. It also is working on a system that will track a user's movements over the Internet and use that data to build a more personalized Web page based on the person's surfing habits.

    Mehdi conceded that such efforts create thorny privacy issues. "We're going to make a very big investment in personalization, but it's very clear that privacy and consumer trust is really a key thing in getting your arms around personalization," he said.
Both Yahoo and Microsoft seem to see personalization as the key to attacking Google.

Update: 15MB of Fame has another interesting quote from Yusuf Mehdi and a link to the original speech at a Goldman Sachs conference.

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