Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The content should find you

David Beisel groks Findory:
    I not only want to listen/read/view media that I know I want, but also want have media served up to me that I don't even know that I want.

    Findory ... is pushing forward with a vision of delivering content that is both personalized and predictive ... For both news and blogs, the company's service recommends content based on what I've read in the past ... Findory allows the right article to find me, as opposed to me looking for the article.

    Interestingly, earlier this week Findory launched its personalized advertising engine. So not only is the company serving up content that's personalized and predictive, but it's attempting to do the same with advertisements as well ... When advertising becomes both personalized and predictive, it actually becomes content -- advertorial content.

    Five years ago ... we were making only the first steps towards a vision of personalized predictive advertising. Findory, however, is now making much longer strides towards both personalized predictive content and advertising. And I believe that is the future.

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