Thursday, June 23, 2005

Yahoo testing ads targeted to behavior

Brian Morrissey at AdWeek reports that:
Yahoo has begun testing a program to show text listings on Web pages based on user behavior ... in a pilot program with Revenue Science.

Omar Tawakol, Revenue Science's SVP of Marketing, said prior site behavior often yields better results than page content ... "[Many] sites are better served by focusing on the user, not what's on the page."
I don't quite agree with Omar on this one. I think sites, especially heavily dynamic sites, are best served by focusing on both the user and the content. Both have a story to tell. Both are useful when you are trying to find relevant, interesting advertising for the reader.

If you're curious about some of the details, Revenue Science has an overview of their technology on their website.

By the way, a month ago, Findory launched our personalized advertising. It is relevant, useful, targeted advertising selected by paying attention to what you have read at Findory. Unlike other efforts out there, our advertising is fine-grained and completely automated. It surfaces ads from a large pool of advertising content that are most likely to be of interest to the reader.

[via PaidContent]

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