Monday, August 28, 2006

Google expanding in Bellevue?

John Cook at the Seattle PI reports that Google "is now taking a serious look at gobbling up nearly all of a 20-story office building under construction in downtown Bellevue."

If true, this would be a substantial expansion for Google in the Seattle area. John noted that "Google could house more than 1,000 employees" in the new building, nearly an order of magnitude increase from their current Seattle area presence.

Many of those hires probably would come from nearby Microsoft, University of Washington computer science, and

[Found via Barry Schwartz]


RobotsThink said...

greg, u r talking abt GooGle gobbling up the office space or these Big companies employees ;)

Anonymous said...

So if Google keeps hiring at this pace they will quickly just become another big company. They are hiring the people at MSFT and AMZN that are now mostly 'big company' people and those people will bring 'big company' thinking to Google. I'm already hearing from my friends inside Google that it is getting harder to get things done, complaints about the stock price, bemoaning the failures of most of their non-searc products, etc. It took Microsoft 25 years to get to this stage of big company-itis. Google is on track to do it in 10. Goggle - yawn.