Monday, August 21, 2006

Seattle internet startups ordered by traffic

About a week ago, John Cook at the Seattle PI posted a great list of Seattle area internet startups.

I thought it might be fun to see a version of this list ordered by web traffic. With much thanks to John for the original, here is a reworked version that includes Alexa ranks and is sorted by Alexa rank:
  • Zillow, Alexa rank: 976
    Predictive online real estate technology.

  • 43Things/Robot Co-op, Alexa rank: 2233
    Social networking through sites such as 43things and 43people.

  • Newsvine, Alexa rank: 3492
    Blogging and social media.

  • Judy's Book, Alexa rank: 7590
    Local search and social networking.

  • Wetpaint, Alexa rank: 10987

  • Trumba, Alexa rank: 11146
    Online calendars.

  • Jobster, Alexa rank: 13034
    Job search and social networking

  • PayScale, Alexa rank: 14497
    Predictive salary technology.

  • Mpire, Alexa rank: 14660
    Comparison shopping search engine.

  •, Alexa rank: 15247
    Social networking music service.

  • Farecast, Alexa rank: 17716
    Predictive airfare technology.

  • Findory, Alexa rank: 19248
    Personalized news service.

  • HouseValues/HomePages, Alexa rank: 21720
    Online real estate.

  • Redfin, Alexa rank: 22117
    Online real estate.

  • BuddyTV, Alexa rank: 23795
    Social networking TV community.

  • Blue Dot, Alexa rank: 38110
    Social networking recommendation service.

  • Mixxer, Alexa rank: 41301
    Mobile music and social networking.

  • Bag Borrow or Steal, Alexa rank: 44630
    Luxury goods borrowing service.

  • PixPo, Alexa rank: 57770
    Online video broadcasting.

  • Vizrea, Alexa rank: 58137
    Digital media distribution and social networking.

  • Broadband Sports, Alexa rank: 62649
    Online video

  • PixPulse, Alexa rank: 63524
    Mobile media publishing and social networking.

  • TripHub, Alexa rank: 88059
    Online group travel community.

  • Pluggd, Alexa rank: 111033

  •, Alexa rank: 138783
    Online video.

  • Melodeo, Alexa rank: 186463

  • Musicmobs, Alexa rank: 193467
    Sharing and discovery online music service.

  • PhoneSherpa, Alexa rank: 276364
    User generated ringtones and graphics.

  • Snapvine, Alexa rank: 301367
    Audio comments for blogs and social networking sites.

  • Weedshare, Alexa rank: 302232
    Online music swapping service.

  • Jookster, Alexa rank: 308432
    Social search.

  • Cdigix, Alexa rank: 328498
    Digital media distribution.

  • Super Oyster, Alexa rank: 349830
    Ticket buying marketplace that allows people to buy out others on an online waiting list.

  • Sampa, Alexa rank: 378389
    Web site building tools and storage.

  • Inrix, Alexa rank: 389879
    Real time and predictive traffic technology.

  • Healia, Alexa rank: 404933
    Personalized health search engine.

  • Curious Office, Alexa rank: 409317
    Internet incubator.

  • Avvo, Alexa rank: 411395
    Consumer-oriented online legal service. (Stealth)

  • Cozi, Alexa rank: 486398
    Digital home technology.

  • GoGoMo, Alexa rank: 490065
    Digital media distribution and storage

  • Pelago, Alexa rank: 561566
    Mobile social networking. (Stealth)

  • SecondSpace, Alexa rank: 562914
    Online consumer service. (Stealth)

  • Yodio, Alexa rank: 633350

  • NewsCloud, Alexa rank: 640911
    Social media.

  • PrestoGifto, Alexa rank: 689970
    Customized T-shirts, coffee mugs and other products for online merchants.

  • SnapTune, Alexa rank: 741315
    Online radio service.

  • GridNetworks, Alexa rank: 851439
    Digital media delivery.

  • Ontela, Alexa rank: 981609
    Mobile software platform.

  • SmartSheet, Alexa rank: 1359158
    Collaboration tools for small business owners.

  • Pheromone Trail, Alexa rank: 1415162
    Social search.

  • Bill Monk, Alexa rank: 1438348
    Mobile bill paying and online trading service.

  • Positive Motion, Alexa rank: 1484923
    User-generated flash cards on mobile phones.

  • Peppers and Pollywogs, Alexa rank: 1847159
    Online party planning service.

  • TextPayMe, Alexa rank: 2311186
    Mobile bill paying.

  • ImageKind, Alexa rank: 2372741
    Online art community.

  •, Alexa rank: 3609578
    Online shopping service.

  • SwitchGear, Alexa rank: 4312922
    Digital home software. (Stealth)

  • Joingle, Alexa rank: 999999999

  • DigWorks, Alexa rank: 999999999
    Digital media.

  •, Alexa rank: 999999999
    Social networking dating site.

  • Shelfari, Alexa rank: 999999999

  • One Degree, Alexa rank: 999999999

  • Treemo, Alexa rank: 999999999
    (formerly HyperMob): Mobile social networking.
Even though Alexa traffic data is not very reliable (see my earlier post), I think this new version of John's list is fun and interesting.

I have to say, I am pleased with how high Findory is in this list. Tied with Farecast, GarageBand, HouseValues, and Redfin, it seems.

It also appears that Findory has the highest web traffic by far of any Seattle area self-funded internet startup; I am fairly sure that all the other startups near or above the level of Findory have multiple millions in funding. Go, little startup, go!


Anonymous said...

nice list

I would put on there :P

we have a rank of 12,774 on the 3 month average and 8,698 on the 1 week average.

I wouldn't put too much stock in Alexa though as you said, comparing our internal numbers to theirs, the correlation can be pretty weak, especially if you have a site not frequented by a lot of IE users.

PrestoGifto said...

Hey there,
Just a quick correction to say that PrestoGifto is not custom t-shirts, we're WYSIWYG blogger affiliate tools. There may have been some confusion because you can put CafePress stuff on your blog or website using our tool.

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg, Picostation is a Seattle based mobile community startup. I think we should be on the list too.

Anonymous said...

If Alex can nominate his own site, then I'll do the same..., RSS & Atom Feed Directory, rank of 9,918 on the three month average and 11,211 on the 1 week average.

47% of my users are running Firefox and 40% are running IE.

Anonymous said...

Good list, appreciate you putting this together.

If everyone is talking about their sites / companies, I might as well mention