Tuesday, September 12, 2006

1000th post on Geeking with Greg

This is the 1000th post on Geeking with Greg. 2 1/2 years of posting, roughly 200k words in total, averaging a little more than a post a day. Whew!

Over that time, traffic to this weblog has grown. There are 1,120 subscribers in Bloglines now. Apparently, a good rule of thumb is to multiply that by x4 to get the total number of regular readers, so this means a few thousand people are regularly reading this little weblog.

According to Google Analytics, this weblog gets about 30k page views per month (and, before you ask, yes, that is much lower than the traffic to Findory, more than two orders of magnitude lower).

In 2006, the most popular posts on Geeking with Greg were:
  1. "In a world with infinite storage, bandwidth, and CPU power", a post that covered some information accidentally leaked by Google in some slides.
  2. "A chance to play with big data" about AOL Research's release of query log data.
  3. "Google's BigTable" about the massive, distributed, custom database behind many of Google's products.
  4. "Kill Google, Vol. 3", a post about attacking AdSense to beat Google rather than going after search.
Many of the posts on this weblog have focused on applying personalization and recommendation technology to information. Here is a selection of my favorites:A substantial number of posts on this weblog talk about Findory.com, my startup devoted to personalizing information. Some of my favorites are in my ongoing Starting Findory series. That series covers the lessons I have learned as I have been building my first startup.

While the point of this weblog is to talk about personalized information, some posts departed from this theme. In particular, I much enjoyed the Early Amazon series about my first couple years at Amazon.com.

Thanks to everyone who reads this weblog. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations !

And thank you for the amazing posts. Yours is the only blog post where even the comments make worthy reading.

It surely tops my daily cuppa of "must read blogs".

Too bad I never got a chance to cross-paths with you while I worked at amazon.

Haochi said...

I just started reading your blog recently and find it really interesting... ;)

Anonymous said...

Greg: Congratulations, like Haochi I am a recent reader of your blog and am now a avid reader. But because I am new and you cross link to older posts I find myself going on this never ending "death spiral" :) and spend too much time here. (A great example is your recent performance review post, I kept going deeper and deeper into the blog!)

Ok since I am sort of interested in analytics, the two numbers are mutually exclusive I think.

You have 4,480 readers (say in a month) but many of them are not in the pages views number (just rss subscribers). 30k page views are just for your blog (!!).

Using some averages, 30k pages views per month is roughly 18k "visitors" to the site (visits equivalent in GA). That plus roughly 5k readers in bloglines equals a nice 23k "visitors" to the blog each month (non-unique). Am I close?

Either way the number is impressive. Congratulations again and thanks for your insightful posts.

Greg Linden said...

Thanks, Pete, Ex-Amazonian, and Haochi!

Thanks to you too, Avinash. And, to answer your question, according to Google Analytics, Geeking with Greg gets about 18k unique visitors per month, very close to what you predicted!

John K said...

Greg - impressive! Blogging a 1000 posts ain't easy. And building a fairly big readership inside blogspot is also an accomplishment!

One of my favorite things your blog turned me on to are the fun Google Tech talk videos...

Anonymous said...

congrats and thanks Greg....i've been following your blog ever since i stumbled across findory a couple of years ago..really enjoy posts where you link to and discuss research papers or tech talks (regardless of topic)..

keep it up..

- reader from Cairo

RobotsThink said...

congrats Greg.
Ur post r a gr8 read.

Keep us always posted ...

Mark Brown said...

Wow. Greg. Simply Amazing.

Some people celebrate their hundredth posting, or first year, your #'s are amazing.



And I STILL say that the Google World takeover is STILL being plotted, and I think I'm glad.

Now if they can only figure out how to fire the cabal of corruption in Washington (DC), I'd be estatic.