Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is Soapbox Live or MSN?

Microsoft recently launched a YouTube-clone called MSN Soapbox.

Pretty much everything I thought about saying about this has already been said by Mike and Carlo at TechDirt in their excellent two ([1] [2]) posts.

But, I think Matt Marshall nailed another issue when he said, "Why this is being released under the MSN brand is beyond us. Microsoft's branding, between Live and MSN, is getting confusing."

See also my previous posts, "Is it Windows Live, MSN, or Microsoft?" and "Is it Live or MSN?"


John K said...

Brand consistency has never been a strong point for MSFT.

It is funny that every so often they come up with a short meaningless word to glom onto all their products - it was ".Net" for 4 years, now it's "Live"

Anonymous said...

Last week a bunch of MSFT'ers came to my campus for a recruiting trip. Afterwards there was a reception and this very topic came up. A product manager said MSN is like a TV channel, what you see on the screen in front of you is what MS/MSN puts on. Meanwhile Windows Live is customizable ... you tell the screen what to put on it and on which corner.

Hope this helps.