Saturday, February 17, 2007

myFeedz from Adobe Labs

Gary Price posts about myFeedz, a "social newspaper" offered by Adobe Labs.

From the myFeedz About page:
myFeedz finds what's important from the sea of information out there ... It learns from what you like.

myFeedz uses artificial intelligence techniques to show you personalized news about topics you are interested in.

Some of the things used to create an article's importance are its source, tags, popularity, rating, language and more.

Your profile (tags, feeds and reading history) is then also taken into account to determine how important that article is for you.
The site was not working when I attempted to use it -- a search for [google desktop vista] and other pages I attempted to access were timing out all day today -- but I still think it is worth a mention given that it is at Adobe. I certainly was surprised to see something like this coming out of Adobe Labs.

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