Thursday, February 22, 2007

Startupping launches

Mark Fletcher -- founder of two successful internet startups, Bloglines and ONElist-- has launched a new website called Startupping.

From the About page:
Startupping's goal is to help entrepreneurs, to take the mystery out of starting and running an Internet company and to share in the experience.
The site includes a weblog, discussion forums for asking questions, and a wiki with some introductory information and sample documents.

I have a couple paragraphs posted on the site today as part of Mark's "Best and Worst Decisions" series.

Update: VentureBeat summarizes startup advice from several entrepreneurs from a Y Combinator Startup School event. Worth reading.

Update: Paul Graham has some good advice in his recent essay, "Why to not not start a startup" (scroll down several paragraphs to where the numbered list starts).

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Unknown said...


The thing that's impressed me about Startupping is the amount of BUZZ! Seriously! Our site is in a related field but about bringing entrepreneurs together with advisors, angels and VCs but we haven't had anything near the same buzz factor. Is it Mark's involvement or something else? I'm stumped!