Monday, July 14, 2008

Going to SIGIR

I will be at SIGIR 2008 next week in Singapore. If you make it to what is very nearly the antipode for those of us in the US, please say hello!


CJ said...

ence I go every year usually, but missing out this time sadly. I'm looking forward to your coverage. Let me know if anything interesting involving NLG pops up.



Harish Mallipeddi said...

Hi Greg,

I work for an internet startup ( in Singapore. I've been a big fan of your blog - your links to research papers serve as my weekly dose of "food for thought". Anyways I would love to meet up and say hi! Let me know if you're interested. Actually our office is just close to the conference venue.

harish.mallipeddi (at) gmail

Anonymous said...

I am saying a Post-Hello! while back to BeiJing office from Singapore. :)

Nice to meet you Greg and hope to see you around at Redmond sometime later.