Monday, July 07, 2008

Video recommendations on YouTube

A WWW 2008 paper out of Google, "Video Suggestion and Discovery for YouTube: Taking Random Walks Through the View Graph" (PDF) presents "a novel method based on the analysis of the entire user-video graph to provide personalized video suggestions for users."

Not sure if the same technique was used, but YouTube recently launched ([1] [2]) recommendations.

Update: Ten days later, Googler Sapna Mehta announces video recommendations on Google Video.

These recommendations appear to be quite different than the YouTube recommendations, based on your Google web and search history rather than the YouTube videos you watch and almost certainly using different techniques under the covers.

Interesting to see Google making a push on video recommendations both on YouTube and Google Video.

Please see also a review of the new Google Video recommendation feature on Search Engine Land.

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Anonymous said...

I'd rather not have Youtube recommending videos to me based on my web-history or my Google searches. Youtube ought to suggest videos based on the Videos I choose to watch; otherwise, the suggestions feel too much like intrusive advertising.