Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Danny Sullivan on Microsoft's Live Search

Danny Sullivan wrote up a version of a talk he gave at Microsoft in June 2008 in his recent post, "Tough Love for Microsoft Search".

Danny Sullivan is an insightful writer, long-time watcher of the search industry, and founder of Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, and the popular Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference. His thoughts are well worth reading.

[Found via Todd Bishop]


Daniel Tunkelang said...

Greg, glad to see people at Microsoft are listening to him. Though I wonder if the people who are listening are the people he cites as "the same people within Microsoft who are so diligently trying to succeed are let down by a company culture overall that sees the internet and search in particular as a kind of sideshow." I'm curious to hear an insider's perspective, if that isn't crossing the line.

Anonymous said...

Live search is my default engine. But my heart skips a beat when it goofs up on the simplest of searches, that a CS researcher would put in.

Anonymous said...

Rajiv, what is the appeal of Live Search?
(honest question not meant to provoke)