Monday, December 15, 2008

The ugly complexities of browser security

Googler Michal Zalewski wrote a "Browser Security Handbook" with a detailed look at many of the security issues in current browsers.

For me, the most interesting part was everything at and after the section "Life outside same origin rules".

As a teaser, here is just one of many examples that Michal discusses:
[An] attacker may cleverly decorate portions of such a third-party UI to make it appear as if they belong to his site instead, and then trick his visitors into interacting with this mashup. If successful, clicks would be directed to the attacked domain, rather than attacker's page -- and may result in undesirable and unintentional actions being taken in the context of victim's account.

[For example,] the attacker may also opt for showing the entire UI of the targeted application in a large <IFRAME>, but then cover portions of this container with opaque <DIV> or <IFRAME> elements placed on top ... [Or] the attacker may simply opt for hiding the target UI underneath his own, and reveal it only miliseconds before the anticipated user click, not giving the victim enough time to notice the switch, or react in any way.
Well worth reading the whole thing.

[Found via Philipp Lenssen]

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