Saturday, June 19, 2004

Google's "site-flavored" search

Google Labs is now offering something they call a "site-flavored" search. It is a search that is biased or filtered to specific subject categories. For example, you can specify that any searches done through a Google search box that you put on your site should be bias toward pages that are in the "Computer/Internet" category.

It appears to be an application of the same technology used for Google's personalized search. In fact, the HTML code you use to put the site-flavored search box on your site contains a reference Kaltix in an image called google_kaltix_site_flavored_searchbox.gif. Google acquired Kaltix year ago. The technology behind Google's personalized search was developed by Kaltix. A paper published by some of the people who founded Kaltix gives the details of their personalization algorithm.

Update: An excellent ResearchBuzz article covers Google's new feature in detail.

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