Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Yahoo finally testing a new home page

Yahoo is testing a home page redesign. They've apparently gone two years with the current cluttered version.

If there's ever a site that cries out for personalized navigation, it's the Yahoo home page. They've got hundreds of links vying for your attention. I'd love to seem them try something like this:
  • Search at the top for easy access
  • A section with links to generally popular features
  • A section with links to features I use the most
  • A section intended to introduce me to areas I might be interested in but don't seem to know about (analyze what I use, figure out what I might also want to use, and market it to me, but market something else quickly if I don't respond)
  • Featured content from My Yahoo
Different people need different things from Yahoo. Instead of trying to cram everything on the home page, why not emphasize what is most likely to be useful to me?

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