Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Dave Winer points to It appears to be part of CNet (and perhaps related to CNet's news aggregator).

In addition to having lots of RSS feeds on some nice, specific tech topics, I found it interesting that Technology Updates mixes news from mainstream news sources (newspapers and magazines) and weblogs. Because the quality and characteristics of blog articles differ so much from mainstream sources, aggregating them all together can be a challenge.

And I'm not sure how well it's working out for them. The Search Engine section, for example, drifts from interesting articles about competition with GMail to the fried chicken recipe from Google's chef. Appears they have severe problems with duplicate stories too.

In general, the problem with news aggregators comes back to relevance rank. Which of those 10,000 stories are you going to show me today? Aggregate all you want, but if you don't get me the news I need in the top ten stories, forget about it.

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