Friday, July 23, 2004

Findory mentioned on Poynter

Steve Outing writes about Findory News:
    Personalizing news websites is a nice idea, but existing attempts I've found to be less than the ideal. Most require user registration, and then you can specify which sections (Business, Sports, etc.) you want on your home page. But there's another way, as demonstrated by, a news site that debuted in March. It's a news aggregator (like Google News), and it's personalized (like My Yahoo!). The cool part about Findory is that whenever you click on an article link (which brings up the story from a news site, just like any other news portal) the site remembers what you've read and decides what other stories you might be interested in based on your previous clicks. It learns your interests throughout your current browsing session and subsequent ones, and presents headlines based on your past clicking behavior. (For example, I clicked on a Tour de France article; when I returned to the homepage of, the article ranking had immediately included more bicycling stories out front.)
Steve Outing is a senior editor at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, and an interactive media columnist for Editor and Publisher, a journal on the newspaper industry.

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