Sunday, July 25, 2004

Technorati's priorities

Steve Rubel criticizes Technorati for emphasizing marketing over engineering:
    I love Technorati, but this smells like dot com spirit all over again. Where's the moolah coming from to support a PR team of five? Hiring a PR firm before you can handle demand and squash bugs is looking for trouble. Hope they are ready for all the added attention.
I've personally had some problems with the performance, stability, and completeness of Technorati's search. I'm hopeful that Adam Hertz, Technorati's new VP of Engineering, will be addressing these issues quickly.

Update: After being frustrated by slow and failed Technorati searches again today, I think I'm starting to agree with Jason Calacanis.

Update: David Sifry (CEO of Technorati) acknowledges and apologizes for their scaling problems and outages.


Adam said...

Greg, thank you for being so candid with us, and for your patience and support. Let me tell you personally that my priorities, as well as those of our entire team, are exactly aligned with yours. I came to Technorati to help build the infrastructure that will let Technorati continue to be an essential service to all of you. We're working overtime to make that happen. I'm not complaining, but I've had 8 hours of sleep in the past 4 days, getting ready for the Convention. We did add one big feature - real-time feeds from a several thousand political bloggers, and we do have a much nicer looking site now. But most of the time was spent beefing up our infrastructure.

We expect and deserve to be judged by you, our users. We're really trying to live up to your expectations. Thanks again for your patience and support.


Greg Linden said...

Thanks, Adam. I certainly didn't mean to criticize your abilities. After all, you've only been at Technorati for a week or so at this point. I'm impressed if you have been able to make substantial infrastructure changes in that short time.

David said...


I fully agree with Adam. We've been amazed with the growth of the blogosphere and the number of people using the service, and we're working our butts off to scale and keep the service useful for you.

Thanks for the comments and criticisms.