Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Why personalized news?

Why might a personalized news site be more interesting and useful than a manually edited news site?

The problem with a manually edited front page is that everyone sees the same thing. While some top stories about big events are important for everyone to see, picking news stories otherwise is an effort to appease some mishmash of the interests of all readers. It's a compromise that results in mediocrity.

Personalized news focuses you in on the news that is important to you. Important top stories will still appear, but the site also surfaces stories that are important just to you. Have an interest in Linux? Findory News will learn that interest and emphasize news related to Linux. Never interested in sports? Findory News will adapt and deemphasize sports stories.

Personalized news provides a different front page to every reader. It focuses on your interests in a way that is impossible to reproduce by manually editing a page. By uncovering interesting articles from thousands of news sources, it will help you discover news you otherwise would have missed.

Try it out! You might not realize what news you're missing every day.

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