Monday, October 04, 2004

BBC News related stories

Rob Andrews noticed that BBC News now "adds links to similar stories on rival websites" to most of their news articles.

BBC says that the service "uses web search technology to identify content from other news websites that relates to a particular BBC story" and compares the technology to Google News. Sounds like basic keyword and category matching but, nevertheless, it's an interesting development.

[via New Media Hack]

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Rob LaRubbio said...

Someone noticed that change, and went one step further. They take the BBC News story, and link phrases within the text to the wikipedia page for that text. I think it's extremely cool since it basically takes the background knowledge the writer assumes you had of the subject, and makes it available to those of us who don't actually have that knowledge.

It also reminds me of the firefly technology of the late 90's. (Only that was implemented as a browswer plugin, and also a shopping add on by Amazon subsidary Alexa.)