Friday, October 08, 2004

Web 2.0 wrap up

Daniel Steinberg has a good summary of all the goings on at Web 2.0. Don't miss the section on search personalization:
    ... personalization and improvements to the user interface are key to the future of search ... Under one percent of the public use any of the advanced features that many search engines offer. Louis Monier, director of eBay's Advanced Technology Group, said that enhancements to search cannot depend on training users to do more. Instead, he suggested, the metaphor is that you bring them the dish that they want but you also bring other dishes that they may be interested in.

    The key is "understanding the intention of the user and enabling them to complete a task," added Jeff Weiner, a senior vice president at Yahoo.
[via Danny Sullivan]

Update: Adam Rifkin's brain dump is also worth skimming.

Update: Adam Rifkin notes that some Web 2.0 presentations are now available.

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