Saturday, January 29, 2005

Findory helps bloggers

How's that blog of yours going?

If you're like most bloggers, you sometimes might get a little frustrated with your weblog. Sometimes you might feel like no one reads your blog. Maybe you can't find anything to write about. Let Findory help.

Want traffic? Add your Blog to Findory. We'll show your posts to our hungry readers and send 'em your way.

Want to improve your blog? Add Inline Findory to your page and show your readers interesting news every time they come. You can even show your readers your personalized news, your personalized top headlines based on your reading history.

Looking for something to blog about? You need some interesting news. No, not the mainstream stuff that you see on every news site with an AP feed. You need to dig deep and find things people haven't seen. You need Findory. Read a few articles, teach Findory your interests, and Findory will pull up interesting news and weblog posts that you'd otherwise miss.

Want even more news? Subscribe to your related articles feed and get a constant stream of weblog posts related to what you've been talking about on your blog. Nothing else like it out there. You can even put your related articles up on your blog using Inline.

Use Findory for your blog. We can help.

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