Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Personalized search RSS feeds

Findory just launched RSS feeds for our personalized search for news and blogs.

Execute a news or blog search on Findory and, at the bottom of the search results, you'll see links to RSS feeds for those searches. The personalized version of the RSS feed (visible only if you are signed in) highlights recommended articles from the search results.

It's true that many others offer RSS feeds for searches over news or blogs. What makes Findory's RSS feeds so different is our personalization.

Normal RSS feeds are generic. Ever subscriber sees the same content. Findory's personalized RSS feeds are one-to-one. The feeds are built just for you with your recommended news and blog articles.

Any article you read through the RSS feed is included in your reading history, teaches Findory more about your interests, changes any personalized RSS feeds you use, and further personalizes the Findory front page.

Most uses of RSS out there view it as a static, generic channel, the same content doled out to tens of thousands of subscribers. We at Findory expect more from RSS. We think RSS should be dynamic, customized, and personalized. We think every RSS feed can be different, unique, and targeted. We're pushing RSS beyond what it has done before.

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