Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What's related at Findory

For every news and weblog source at Findory, we now have related articles available as a RSS feed and an inline widget. That's right, thousands of feeds helping you discover interesting news from thousands of sources, all built on the same innovative personalization system that drives Findory.

Do you read Wired? How about subscribing to the RSS feed for articles related to Wired?

Read Slashdot? Discover interesting other interesting "news for nerds" with our Slashdot related articles RSS feed.

Are you a blogger? Show your readers related articles! Our inline widget constantly updates as you add new posts and as other weblogs post new articles. Take a look over in the right column at the inline for articles related to Geeking with Greg. It's a fun way to spiffy up your weblog and help your readers find other interesting weblog posts.

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