Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Blogging tools and Yahoo 360

Charlene Li posts about Yahoo 360, a blogging and social networking service currently in closed beta.

According to Charlene, there are two major pieces to the product:
  1. A blogging tool similar to Google's Blogger or MSN Spaces with some sharing of content.
  2. Sharing product reviews among people you know (on the theory that reviews have more credibility coming from a source you know).
All the major portals -- MSN, Yahoo, and Google -- now will have blogging tools. With these giants in the space, it's going to be hard for other, smaller players.

I'm not surprised to see Yahoo produce a blogging tool, but I am surprised to see most of the innovation in this area coming from Yahoo and MSN, not Google.

Google has had Orkut and Blogger for a while now. But there's been precious little innovation on these products. Orkut has languished. Blogger seems to be overwhelmed with scaling problems. Unfortunate.

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