Friday, March 18, 2005

Bloglines, eTech, and advice on startups

Mark Fletcher (CEO, Bloglines) gave a talk called "From the Garage: Lessons Learned Birthing and Building Web Start-Ups" at eTech.

Best summary of the talk I've seen was by Andrej Gregov. Andrej has had excellent coverage of eTech and the other posts on his blog are well worth reading. Reemer and Mike Rodriquez also have summaries of Mark's talk.

At Findory, we practice many of the same principles Mark advocates. We're deeply passionate about what we're building. We run fast, lean, and cheap. We keep it simple. We launch early and often. We leverage open source technology wherever we can.

For more advice along the lines of Mark's talk, I'd recommend Paul Graham's recent essay, "How to Start a Startup", and Guy Kawasaki's new book, "The Art of the Start".

Update: Mark Fletcher posts a link to the slides from the talk. Thanks, Mark!

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kareem said...

Thanks for the link, Greg. I liked Mark's talk, but I was a little disappointed. I think I was expecting more stories and fewer facts.