Monday, April 11, 2005 launches, a product information search engine, just launched.

With my first few searches (e.g. "6.1 sound card"), I was underwhelmed, but your mileage may vary.

It's certainly a good idea though. Despite attempts from, ePinions, Consumer Reports, and others, the Web has no authoritative, objective, comprehensive source of product information. Whoever builds that would be providing a useful and valuable service.

Chris Sherman has a detailed review.


Michael Yang said...

Hi Greg,
Michael Yang of here.
Thanks for the post on
You might try searching for just "sound card" as well to see what you get. Also, try typing in the generic product names like refrigerator, television, portable dvd players, etc. etc. We are constantly improving our search technology so please check back often for your shopping searches.


Greg Linden said...

Hi, Michael. Great to hear from you!

I'm sure will improve over time. I know that it's a hard problem and that this is just the beginning for your service.

However, you've been hyping this service for weeks, so you might expect some backlash if it doesn't perform up to the heightened expectations you may have created.

It would be fantastic if you folks really nailed this one. An objective and authoritative web source of product information would be of great value.