Thursday, April 07, 2005

The future is "my media"

Jeff Weiner (SVP of Search at Yahoo) spoke at the Warton Technology Conference and mentioned personalized information:
    The future ... won't belong to either mass or micro players, but rather to consumers who will increasingly tailor their information gathering to their needs and tastes. "The future is going to be 'my media'."
It's an excellent vision, but I think Jeff is overestimating his customers' patience. Users are notoriously lazy. If you ask them to do work, most of them won't do it. From their point of view, you're only of value to them if you save them time.

Customers do want information tailored to their needs and tastes. But, if any work is going to be done, it's going to have to be done by a computer, not a person. People expect you to just make the right thing happen.

[via Search Engine Watch]

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littleoslo said...

I totally agree with you that most of us are tend to be lazy and not willing to learn. Nowadays once you got online, u got fed up by the overloaded information.

Afterall, once you go offline, everything is no more important as long as you dun plug urself into the cyberworld.

The world seems changing a lots but for some people, they just need a mailbox and a low tech simple online photo album, nothing more than a forwarded joke ..