Sunday, February 05, 2006

Amazon version of AdSense?

Chris Beasley claims soon will test their own advertising network to compete with Google's AdSense.

See also my earlier post, "Kill Google, Vol. 2", where I talk about "going after Google's lifeblood, advertising."

See also my earlier post, "Google wants to change advertising", where I talk about a future of "personalized advertising" that is "helpful and relevant.", with their expertise in personalization, is well positioned here.

[Found on Findory]


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised has time to do things like an advertising network (which they could have done, oh, four years ago or so by leveraging their associates ad network a little bit better--but I'm sure nobody noticed) when it's spending time creating such useful innovations for customers as The Mechanical Turk (via which I have made enough money to lose in my couch cushions) and Plogs, which Bezos himself will realize actually sucks in about three years, bringing him inline with the rest of the customer base.

Anonymous said...

Amazon should be different than the major players and use the pay per action model. They should really put the text ads to good use on both their A9 site and amazon. By going with the pay per action model, they don't have to worry about paying for click fraud. Plus, if they wanted to, each text ad in the beggining could be related to products on Amazon's own site since they have so many.