Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Official Google Research Blog

There's a new weblog from Google, the "Official Google Research Blog".

The first post is from AI guru Peter Norvig, who I believe used to be Director of Search Quality but apparently now is a Director of Google Research.

On the reason for starting the blog, he says, "We've been asked what Google Research is like, and we thought the best way to answer is with a blog."

Sounds like we'll be seeing posts from many of the top researchers at Google. I hope that includes people like Steve Lawrence, Krishna Bharat, and Rob Pike.

I also hope we'll be seeing more pointers to and discussion of recent papers and technical reports produced by Google. The current list of papers available from Google Labs seems like it is getting out of date, with no papers from 2005, only one from 2004, and only one from 2003.

[Found via Barry Schwartz]

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