Thursday, February 09, 2006

CEO and CTO both left A9

A9 CTO Ruben Ortega, a friend and colleague from Amazon, also recently left the company.

When I asked him about his and Udi's departure, Ruben sent me this statement:
I was CTO from inception to September 2005.

I returned to Seattle and because after 20 months of commuting weekly between Seattle and Palo Alto felt I was missing too much of my children's daily lives.

It was a great job and I highly recommend being a CTO of a small growing company if you get a chance :)

I was quite surprised by the news of Udi leaving. I knew we were doing executive level recruiting, but I was under the impression we were looking for my replacement, not Udi's.
After John Battelle broke the story, A9 CEO Udi Manber's departure to Google is being widely reported in the news media.

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